Say Hello to MapofIdeas! The posts are about giving life to all the ideas and wishes we have and enjoying every single moment. It′s about the experiences we had over the time during our travels and also about rediscovering ourselves.

Why Mapofideas?! Well… for us each country and every city can be the best idea to be chosen from the entire map. When it comes to have a map in front of you, then there will always be a spark of idea.

We are a couple from Romania and we are very excited about how traveling changed us and made us rediscovering who we are. It′s about the experiences we had, the places we visited, the people, the different customs and traditions we saw….moreover it is about how all these things made us understood that life is worth living and we need to be greateful for everything that surrounds us.

As traveling began to be part of us, the blog will be our journal. Come and have a look, you may be inspired!