The place where the past is glimpsed from the present, that beautiful area where the customs and traditions have been kept, and where the villages and its people are part of a nice decor....this is how Maramures has been seen from our eyes.

The people are beautiful on the outside, but there is something special on them also in the inside - they are kind, with a big heart and hard workers. You can find during the trip that many of them are dealing either with craft services, or with the woodprocessing, or animal breeding and land cultivation. You will definitely adore seeing their traditional suits, and the thing that there are villages where they kept the idea to go to the churh, during Sundays, dressed with the trditional suits. During our trip, we chose to explore Breb, for 3 days, and it was a real pleasure to see the village so well preserved. And of course, seeing how the people are coming back from the church on Sunday ceremony, was a trully delight for the eyes and soul.

Not only the people are part of the decor within this area, but also the nature and the houses itself, that are kept exactly as they existed in the past. This is what makes a place unique and original. The wood is the main raw material used for building the houses, and we can say it is a real symbol when talking about Maramures, due to the well known wooden gates, that are a tradition within the area, and can be seen at each corner. There is something interesting with a tradition they have,  when the people are dressing the trees with pots of food: it is said that, in case you see a red one in the top of the tree, overthere there is a girl, waiting to be proposed – that was funny to find out, but more than this, the idea itself transfers you to other times, and once you spend more time in this part of Romania, you realise how relaxed and happy are the people here, and how they can find joy from anything, from the little things.

I was mentioning also about nature, this is a well known area, due to the landscapes, the valleys and the mountains that surrounds the place and also the hills accompanied by sheeps and chicken songs.

We really wanted to see how authenticity is felt like, this is the main reason why we chose to visit Breb, one of the most preserved village from the area, but we had a tour also in the nearby places:

  • Sapanta Cemetery
  • The Pain Memorial

● Barsana Monestery

Last but not least, our recommendation is to choose also authentic accoomodations for a visit in Maramures, to entirely be part of the scene. Below, you may find the ones chosen by us:


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