There are so many things and feelings that come into our mind when it comes to Morroco! Imagine a place full of colorful mosaics, a place where you enjoy a cup of mint tea on the rooftoop of the hotel, listening to the call to prayer, a place full of authencity, chaotic, colorful, a real intense and eye-opening experience!

Chefchaouen is just like out of a storybook, even better said, out of a coloring book! The entire medina is washed in different shades of blue, and gives you a nice feeling, is simply putting you a smile on the face. Comparing to the other sides of Morroco, the city is quite peaceful, a magical place to get lost into!  The accomodation we chose was Dar Meziana, a charming and cozy place, with rooftop and interior details. The owner was very friendly, and we enjoyed a lot staying there, totally recommend it. As a plus, in the front of the riad, you have the opportunity to spot some nice pictures, as the scene is ready for it.


Fez is chaotic, from the peaceful place we found in Chefchaouen, we felt like we arrived in the middle of the war. Later, we understood that this very detail made the city be authentic, and if you are opened to discover new cultures, you will enjoy it! It is impressive the view of the city, from a rooftop, while the call to prayer song starts, even the way the song starts is like out of a movie, and it is simply touching the deeper parts of your body. Here, in Fez you will find the pure Islam, the city is known for this, but you will not feel it so intense, unless you do no stay in the Medina, in the middle of the medieval athmosphere. From our experience and feelings, there is no complete trip to Morroco, without being accomodated into Riads, moreover if we are reffering to biggest cities, where all the authencity and mystery is felt in the Medina, and not in the new part of the cities. So, if you are going to Morroco, take the accomodation in Medina, for a trully experince, it will definitely be worth it!

The accomodation we chose was Riad Rcif and Spa, a trully jewel, as you will feel like staying in a museum, not in a hotel…and the view from the rooftop is speachless.

While enetering Medina, which is one of the oldest one from the entire world, you will get lost into the labirint of narrow streets, different smells, lots of colorful carpets, leather bags (they are well known for the leather, you should not miss out a visit to the Leather shop), and the hustle itself of the people.


Tinghir – we read about this place, and we wanted to make it our stop on the road to Sahara. It is spectacular because of the immense green palms plantation, along the river. With the sound of the frogs, in the palm plantation, and with so much quiet all around, we had one of the most relaxing moments ever imagined! No more words for the sunrise experienced here, but also for the way we were welcomed by our host: he was so friendly and he cooked for us, the best meal eaten in Morroco (actually we did not have so many places to say the food was good and to recommend it, but here, the taste was fabulous). The accommodation was chosen by our guide we had on our trip to the desert, and was named Maison Panorama Todra Tinehir, so if you have a stop in the city,  it can be your option.




Sahara – this is the place with memories for life! The entire picture with the sand dunes everywhere is absolutely incredible, actually we have never seen so much sand before in our life, we really loved it. When going to Morocco, there are so many things to visit and do, but you cannot deny the call of the desert, there are no words to describe it, but everything will be kept in a small box of our life memories.

We mentioned about the guide we had for our trip to the desert, his name is Omar and he is willing to make your stay most confortable, is answering to all the questions you have and helps you with the best pieces of advice. We trully recommend him, is trustable and very calm, and probably the best driver we could have.




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