What island to choose when you go to Greece? Well, it is a hard question, moreover when thinking about all the islands that offer so many touristique possibilities and so many picturesque landscapes. Except the pictures that remain deeply in your soul, the food is absolutely gorgeous and so the culture and the fun, things that are simply offering the perfect receipt. Obviously, you should try each of the existing islands and explore it one by one, but this time we chose Thassos.

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Journey to the emerald island

Thassos is a beautiful island with marvelous beaches which combines the sea with the mountains in a very fascinating way. Are you ready to see some stunning landscapes? 📽️🇬🇷You can also watch the video in 1080p resolution😌👇https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrsYGvbRr8E

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There are so many options when it comes to the beaches, from the wildest ones to the bluest ones. The place is called the Emerald Island, due to the shades of blue, which are truly spectacular.

We had the accommodation on the east side of the island up on a hill, and this offered us an enormous state of relaxation, as we woke up each day having the picture of the sea and the mountains in front of us. The hotel is http://kinirabeach.gr/en/welcome/ and the hospitality is on high level over here, as the entire personal is doing their best to make us feel like we are part of their family. We totally recommend this place and we are already missing the girls from there!

We will not take each of the beaches in part to describe, as there are too many options to choose from, depending on the area where you have the accommodation or on the type of beaches you are looking for.

One thing is doubtless, wherever you go, you will be covered and followed by a relax mood, due to the colors of the water. In case you are looking for the most wonderful colors and shades of blue, then, we think that the well-known Marble Beach will fulfill these criterions. It is kind of unique place; the beach itself is too small and too crowded for our type, but it is worth it. The road to the beach is not so friendly, you definitely cannot pass through with any type of car, but as we said, the landscape was amazing!

In case you are looking to the finest sand from the island, then Paradise Beach is the best option. Golden Beach is another option on this part of the island, where you can find lots of restaurants, including a camping area.

If you want some adrenaline, you cannot miss Giola, the pool of the mermaids. It is fantastic how this natural pool resulted, due to the fact that the roof of a cave was falling. Except the natural beauty, there are lots of people who choose to plunge in the water. On the way to Giola, you will find another beach, divorced from reality -  Aliki Beach.

Generally talking, I think that the most wonderful feeling experienced on the island was the idea of exploring all the beaches by car. We are not friendly with the idea of going in vacation by car, we usually choose the plane, but this time, the distance allowed us to use the car. And it was a very good idea, as the entire area is surrounded by the sea and driving through the coast gave us an unique feeling of freedom and relaxation.

We cannot finish this little story about Thassos seen from our eyes, without mentioning the amazing sunrises we experienced. Waaw, it is incredible and so romantic! Of course, it is absolutely needed to mention also about some restaurants and bars you should not miss, when visiting Thassos. The view is speechless and the food is really tasty and fresh on Agorastos Restaurant. You should definitely try it at least once! There are lots of options also on the Golden Beach, but we had a nice treatment on Finikas Retaurant, it is a cozy and very friendly taverne, decorated by the Greek atmosphere. When it comes to the bars, Karnagio Bar was our favourite, best cocktails from the island, and of course the view is quite relaxing! So, do not forget to pass through, as you will not be disappointed.

We are glad to share this location with you, and we hope our experiences will inspire you on the future destinations chosen for travelling!

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