Istanbul is fantastic! We did not expect to be so surprised by this city, but it definitely exceeded our expectations.

There are lots of things that can transform your stay and state of mind, starting from the tasty cuisine (absolutely amazing) and continuing with the friendly people, the cultural and religious attractions and the atmosphere itself.

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When it comes to Turkish cuisine, you need to try for sure all the baklava types, the doner kebap and the amazing sandwich with fish, served in the popular Eminonu area. The food is delicious due to the ingredients used for preparing it and of course we cannot miss the well-known Turkish coffee and Turkish tea, to have the entire picture of Turkish cuisine finalized. Talking about drinking a cup of tea, there is a place that became one of the most beautiful places seen on Istanbul, called Pierre Loti. It is an amazing terrace, located on the top of a hill, from where you have the opportunity to see the entire city. The view is spectacular moreover if you catch the transition between day and night. The place dated for one century and is located in the Eyup area. It really should not be missed!

Well….there is something in Istanbul that creates a special atmosphere: the way the adhan sound is laying over the entire city. It is speechless how the song is heard and felt, moreover when you are surrounded by more mosques. We experienced it during the entire stay and we found it very special, but when we heard it closer to the Blue Mosque, coming from other parts in the same time, we felt the sensation of getting the goosebumps.

Of course, the symbols of the city, the biggest mosques should be on the list when you visit Istanbul. We enjoyed seeing and understanding the way the buildings are divided and how the people are acting and praying.

Istanbul can also be defined by the Grand Bazaar! It is an interesting experience, moreover when you enter in their environment and start negotiating. You can buy many things, the prices are not so low as expected, but trust us, if you have some skills with you, then you can buy anything.

During our stays in different cities we found very boehm enjoying the city by night. We chose to have a Bosphorus cruise during the evening, so that to keep in our soul the picture of the city enlightened.

We were very impressed by the fantastic public transportation from Istanbul: trams, subways, funicular, buses and ferries. The Istanbul-kart is a must, it is a pre-paid contactless card, that can be used by up to 6 people, which is very cool. I need to mention also about the accommodation, where the staff is so friendly and your stay could be really memorable. We chose it closer to the Eminonu area, Empire Suites Hotel, and we recommend it for the spacious rooms, the hospitality and smiling faces we received.

And now we will share with you how fascinating was Taksim. Here we can find the most famous street from Istanbul and the most visited one from Europe: Istiklal. It is so nice the way the feeling of getting lost in the crowd is completed by the multitude of restaurants, shops and people singing on different musical instruments .There are many ramifications of narrow streets, surrounding the mains street that creates the entire picture of the area. Excepting the fact that it is a must exploring the entire area, we can admit that by far it can be considered a landmark.

This is really a city of tales and legends…

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