We have seen lots of pictures from Cappadocia before arriving, but we were not prepared for such a fantastic world, better said - for entering into another planet. Once you get to this land, you will discover a fairytale, all the volcanic surroundings being spread in an unique way.

(You can also watch the movie on Youtube at 1080pHD resolution - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=156cnbXHww0&t=52s )

Cappadocia offers a nice peaceful feeling and its beauty will match all tastes. No matter what you expect from this trip, your expectations will be for sure exceeded.

It is all about that dreamy place where you need just to stay….and watch, moreover when the entire picture is colored by lots of balloons going up and down on the sky.

Cappadocia represents the entire region, but all the places you are seeing on images belongs to Goreme, which we do recommend for being the place where the accommodation is booked, due to the fact that it is way more entertained. Wherever you look, there will be fairy chimneys that will complete the entire picture.

Even the accommodation is different...just thinking that the majority of the hotels are sculpted into stones and you are about to enjoy your stay into a cave room…it is worth it! Even if the prices are higher for these type of hotels, I truly recommend to have a good research of the hotels, and to try to book one with its own terrace, up on the rooftop. We chose Mithra Cave Hotel, and for sure was the best choice for us. - http://www.mithracavehotel.com/

When it comes to Cappadocia, firstly you are thinking to the balloons. Well…it is definitely one of the best experiences ever tasted. It is fascinating how the entire process of preparing the balloon is done and how smoothly the flight is. You do not feel that you are going up in the air, and suddenly you see the landscape filled with colorful balloons. If you are lucky enough, during the flight the sunrise can make the atmosphere completed, by playing with the sky colors.

Waking early in the morning in such place is a pleasure even for those who are sleepy lovers: you wake up and start admiring the landscape, balloons playing on the sky, some of it getting so close to the hotels - it is really fantastic.

The beauty continues to be spread on all the possible activities you may have in this region. I totally recommend having a walk on the valleys; it is charming and fascinating how the relief sculpted the rocks. We chose one valley to explore by foot, the Pigeon Valley and it was such amazing an experience. The valley was named so due to the many pigeon houses carved into the rocks. We passed through two coffee places, simply thrown in the nature: the first one is Lost Heaven Caffé, here you can enjoy the view having a natural juice or coffee. The second one is a Turkish Tea Garden, a very friendly place, where you will meet a warm old native man, super sweet, who knows lots of foreign languages and can answer to any of your question. In case you pass through this place, please say hello to this amazing man.

There are lots of other activities that you may choose, visiting the valleys on tours, visiting the Open Museum or the underground city. In respect to the valleys, we chose to combine the experience of a jeep safari, going to Love Valley. Honestly, it was our first time in such activity, but the feeling was intense.

We have also passed through the Ceramic House, where we saw different objects, from the smallest to the bigger ones, made of pure ceramic, manually shaped. Of course, as we are in Turkey, the people are very friendly and interact with us. They offered us the opportunity to prepare a ceramic object, sculpted by ourselves.

I have so many things to be shared in regards to Cappadocia….but you really need to feel and see with your own eyes the entire land. You may arrange to have a local Turkish Night, or you can simply start exploring places where to eat, with nice views – we totally recommend the below ones: Retro Cappadocia, View Point Caffe Restaurant and Soffy`s Kitchen. These restaurants are very close one to each other.

Coming back to the hotel, I cannot end the post without mentioning the mascots they have – the cutest puppies ever, some Spanish Cookers that are super adorable and are definitely part of your pictures.

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