Thailand has more and more places that are waiting to be explored! Once you start visiting the islands, you cannot get enough of its beauty. What we found amazing is that you can discover beaches that are simply landscapes, looking like were taken from movies and the water was incredible, from that turquoise color to the bluest shades. It is magic, but I need to admit that it is needed a short documentation before choosing where to go.

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Our choice was to stay on Railay Beach, a place where the nature was litterally generous: craggy rocks, white sand beaches, palms, clear water and so many coloured boats. The steepy rocks isolated the place and made possible this beauty – Railay Peninsula. This is the main reason why the place can be reached only by water, the boats being the only possibility to get here.

Railay is devided in two areas, the West and the East side. In the East side you may find some cheaper accommodation, so many restaurants and bars and a reggae vibe...actually you can say you are in Jamaica. In regards to the swimming area, it is not the best choice, as here the area is full of mangrooves and the flux is so intense that either the sea gets far away or it gets until the main road.

Once you get to the West side, the athmosphere is more intimate, more bohemian: you have a very nice beach, sorrounded by rocks, white sand and a clear turquoise water. It is really scenical the view! There are not so many places where to be accomodated, but all of it are located on the beach and have their own way to welcome you: the entrances are redirecting you to a magical area, being surrounded by palms, coconut trees, vegetation and lots of birds that are singing at every moment. It offers you a nice and privacy feeling. was the one chosen by us, and was a dreamy place.

At the end of the beach there is a small accidental road, with rocks and a small part of jungle, that can be passed with a little bit of courage. Once you cross it, you will discover a new beach – Tonsai Beach. We loved it, we felt like we were isolated from the entire world, the atmosphere here was way more exotical, due to the biggest palm trees from the beach and the image of a virgin island. It was amazing spending the time here and we totally recommend visiting it.

Except the fact that the peninsula can be explored from a side to another one, you may also have the possibility to climb the rocks, there is also one road that conducts you to the view point of the area and to a hidden lagoon. Our recommendation is to have the journey early in the morning, it can be interesting and mysteriously in the same time to climb the rocks and get into the jungle almost alone. Of course...the monkeys will become your friends. It can be scary, due to the highest trees and the sound of the animals...but is definitely worth it.

Phra Nang Beach is on top of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and discovering it was incredible.It is speechless how the nature shaped the karst relief and how the perfect water and sand were added to the picture. It is absolutely necessary to visit it once in a lifetime.

The picture of Railay cannot be ended without the fantastic views of the sunsets.

One of the purposes of our trip to Thailand was also to visit more islands...and so we did. The surrounding islands from Railay were fantastic.

I can write a book describing it, but you really need to view each of it. On Poda Island we discovered I think the most bluest and clear water. (that water that is seen on the pictures about exotic places). The fishes were coloured and the sand sooo smooth.

We visited also the Chicken Island and Tup Island, both of it with beautiful landscapes. On Tup Island, the picture is simply taken from a movie, due to the sandy strip surrounded in both of the parts by water.

New day, new islands: Pak Bia, with fine sand and a scenic view of the water split by a sandy strip. Another great choice can be Koh Lao La Ding, where you can find clear turqoise water and so many coloured fishes.

A great experience was offered by the famous Hong Island, where we found one of the most white and fine sand. The water is perfect and the snorkeling area is excellent when it comes to sea urchins, corals and fishes.

Well...we promised ourselves that we will come back to Thailand!

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