Croatia was literally GORGEOUUS!!!!

Sibenik →Split →Trogir → Plitvice Lakes were the chosen ones.

We arrived in Sibenik by car and were accomodated at Solaris Resort (Jure hotel  which was absolutely amazing: the food, the private beaches, the atmosphere and all the little things that made our stay a story to remember.

(You can also watch the movie on Youtube at 1080pHD resolution - )

Sibenik means little streets, local traditions and unique atmosphere. You can walk  through the narrow streets and take part of the way the locals are living day by day or you can choose to have a promenade across the sea. No matter your option is, you will definitely remain with a good vibe.

The way from Sibenik to Split and Trogir is absolutely unbelivable. You simply pass through the beauty of the water, that turquoise, blue and clear water that offers you the impression you are in one of the farest tropical places from the Earth. Well, at any step, you can stop and have a bath on the small beaches. The locals have different types of ships from where they pass to the islands. It is probably the clearest water from Europe, an unforgetable scene.

And so we are in Split!!!!! It is the nicest combination between ancient and modern I have ever seen. The walls and the architecture is redirecting each traveler to the old history. At any step there are lots of bars, restaurants and local shops that contribute to bringing to light the dalmatian life.

We have met with the same atmosphere in Trogir, which was more adorable from my point of view, maybe due to the fact that was smaller and this aspect made the scenery way more split away from reality.

And we arrived in a Paradise called „Plitvice Lakes National Park”, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage for a good reason.

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